Of course G052-162-A2 is the correct fluid as required by the OEM, and for best results you should use that. You can get an equivalent Pentosin or FEBI/Bilstein brand (usually mail order) but it’s expensive also and after paying for shipping it may be best just to buy at your local dealer. Use any other fluid at your own risk.

But, I run Mobile 1 Multi-Vehicle in my own car. And I have several customers that have used Peak Multi-Vehicle in their car, and they report good success.  One of the oil companies sells a “global” fluid that lists g052162a2 in its spec sheet.  We’ve been offering that, as a cheaper option, and it’s been working perfectly. A customer pointed out that O’reilly auto parts had a “global” fluid that had the g052162a12 number right on the label.  We’ve used that also very successfully.  Also some folks on the internet have reported good success with Valvoline Max Life Multi-Vehicle fluid.  All these are RED fluids.  There is no problem with running any of these red fluids in your 01m.

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