Ever since I started sharing information on the internet people have sometimes asked to give me money as thanks for the info that has helped them.  Up until recently I’ve always refused, maybe because I’m prideful or maybe I thought it didn’t have as much value as they put on it.  But, I’ve been producing videos on  youtube and as of 12-3-2018 I’ve posted180 video’s.  This takes a significant amount of time and I work hard to put in excellent tech content and am working on  better videography and better presentation.

CoolAirVw on youtube  <——–click here.

So, I am now accepting donations.  I will set up a patron account eventually, but not right away.  If you wish to give, to support the production of these videos just click donate below.  Its set up as a Paypal shopping cart so click add to cart and use quantity to select the amount of the donation.  Type a short note in so I know who to thank.

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It is set up like a one dollar purchase, so if you want to give more than one dollar then click donate then select quantity of how much you want to give.  Then “check out” to finalize the donation.  Thank you for your support.  

Please do not send me money through paypal as a “gift”.  I do not want to skirt paypal fees.  Please respect this.