We can now offer quality services on Mini Coopers.  I’ve always been a Mini Cooper fan and I own one.  I invested in some diagnostic equipment and specialty tools and can help you with your mini cooper needs, with the same honest service we’ve always offered to our other customers.


1.  Clutch replacement  <——click here

2.  Timing chain replacement or VANOS diagnosis  (video coming soon)

3.  Conversion of Auto trans to manual trans. If you want to try this email us click here ——->  contact page    

4. Auto and manual Transmission repair

5.  Brakes, shocks and struts

6.  AC

7.  Headliner <——— click here


8. Almost any general repair on a Mini Cooper.

 Airbag      <——–click it
 Power window    <——–click it

Most any General Repair on a mini  <———click it


Contact us in the following link.  —–>  Contact page…..