Below is our pre-purchase inspection. Some of it may not apply. Usually this service would be done for a customer who is not local, meaning we would be hired to inspect a car that was for sale locally, by a buyer who was out of town or out of state. Our pre-purchase inspection costs $60 (normal price at my real job is $80).

It includes…



We ask previous owners name/contact info

We ask number of keys that come with car (key fobs are expensive)



Check oil level

Check antifreeze level and correct application

Any cut fuel lines or holes drilled indicating former veggie car install.

Pull TB upper cover for inspect

Scan for codes engine/trans.  If other warn lights scan that module.

Ask TB history, seek out documentation.

Check down front for leaks, and in webbing of trans for leaks.  disclaimer belly pan makes total leak inpection impossible, and we do not jack up the car.

Spirited test drive into boost to verify turbo operation.

Exhaust:  If possible….Muffler present?  Cat present?  Size of pipe?



Auto— Drive light steady throttle paying close attention to gear changes, looking for any increase in RPM as shift happens. Get at 25-35 with TCC applied, paying attention for surging TCC. Pay attention for gear whine from trans, gets louder with speed and  goes away when you coast.

Manual–Drive rigorously checking for clutch slippage or vibration from dual mass flywheel. Pay attention to each gear change for ease of shifting, and listening for noise from trans.

Tires:  Check all 4 conditions and match.

Front Wheel bearings:  gets louder with road speed and changes pitch with turns.



Look under front for curb/crash damage.

Belly pan/inner fenders intact.

Look for scratches door dings, rust that wouldn’t show up in pics.

Headlights, blinkers, taillights, reverse lights.




Smoking or non-smoking car?

Check windows, locks,power trunk, remotes, mirrors, radio, heated seats.

Make sure dome light comes on with both doors.  (lock module is over $100)

Make sure key fob opens locks and trunk.

Make sure Gas door opens with button.

Make sure trunk opens with button.

Armrest broken?

Any rips, tears, wear, smells that wouldn’t show up in pic.



Pay attention for any chatter or squeak on test drive

If wheels allow, look into calipers with mirror and flashlight.


And more!


If you bring the car to our shop we will jack up car and inspect. All performed by a Volkswagen mechanic who drives a Volkswagen every day.