Shipping is included in Continental USA.  Shipping is not included to more expensive places like Canada, Hawaii,  Alaska or other places outside of USA.  Please do not order if you are not in Continental USA.  If you are in Canada or Alaska or Hawaii, then contact me through email before you order.  If you are in Canada you can buy “shipping to Canada” in with the “Add to cart ” icon below the blend door bushing.



      $22.50  Vw calls this a “pin” I would call this a blend door bushing.  It is Vw part number 1h0-819-136,    Vw discontinued this thing. Why on earth they would discontinue it, I don’t know. We fix a couple of these broken seems like each month or so, plus you need one whenever you do a heater core or a blend door repair.  So I have a friend who needed one and used a cad program to have them made. He modeled it off my last OEM new one that I had in stock. But I gave him some ideas to improve them, including removability, and improvements to ease installation. They are made with good abs plastic, better than the crappy stuff on ebay, and are each one tested in a heater box and on a lever to make sure of good fit.
We are pricing them cheaper than other ones that are being made, but price may go up in future. I have helped with prototyping and installing them in a few cars for product testing.   I have a bunch in stock and will usually ship same day. 


  $10.00 shipping to canada for Blend door bushing (pin).  Buy this along with the Bushing above.  You have to buy the bushing and the shipping if your are in Canada!



       $25 Alternator cable.  This is a replacement alternator cable that will work to replace the original.  Just leave your original Alternator cable  in the harness (cut off the ends of the original to make it a cleaner install) and lay this one beside the original routing.  It works & fits perfectly for ALH engine, and saves you bunches over a replacing it with a dealer part.