I lost a picture in the diagnostic process while making the 06 Jetta Tdi overboost page.  06 Jetta Tdi has a BRM engine.  Since BEW has a smart actuator I thought that a BEW engine would have the same output test, so I tried to grab the missing picture from a BEW car (06 Beetle)  that came in, but I noticed a difference that I thought might be worth showing so I made this page.

Here’s the way it looks on a BEW.

Field 4 is showing Acuator position and is inaccuratly labeled duty cycle  just like the BRM.  Field 2 is labeled “Lamda” for some reason and should probably be N75 solenoid command.

On this BEW n75 solenoid command is given in a percentage.  Duty cycle probably would have been more accurate for field two.  Near 100% solenoid command means the computer is commanding the solenoid “ON” and near 0% means the computer is commanding the solenoid off.


So in review,  boost problems on both the BRM and BEW can be diagnosed this way. On both BRM and BEW your looking for high percentage in field 4 when solenoid is on and low percentage in field 4 when the solenoid is off.    BRM field 2 will show on and off.   BEW field 2 will show a high percentage for on and a low percentage for off.