After having quality and service problems with local machine shops and a well known Tdi head specialist,  we had to start building Tdi heads ourselves.  Local machine shops couldn’t seem to understand our need for quality parts and others couldn’t give service in a reasonable time frame and didn’t seem know the meaning of customer service.

We’ve done bunches of these now, and can now offer service if you have a timing belt break, and need to send your head in.

After a Timing belt break a tdi will always have bent valves.  You can usually see the damage on the lifters like below.  You can see cracks coming out from the center.



Pulling the cam will make it more obvious.   These cracks happen when the piston hits the valve and the valve bends the top of the lifter upwards.


lifter cracked


Sometimes the damage is worse.  This one the valve hit it so hard that it broke the top of the lifter out.  Sometimes this can damage the lifter bore requiring re-sleeving the lifter bore.


Top broken off lifter


Sometimes the lifter is so jammed up that in order to get the lifter out we have to weld a extracter to the lifter and pull it out with a slide hammer.

(insert pic here)


Cam is usually damaged.

cam damage from lifter

Pulling the head quickly is usually done with the intake and turbo still on it.



Taking a quick look at the valves is sometimes misleading.  By looking at the valves in the following pic you wouldn’t know how jacked up it was.



But after pulling the turbo and intake an looking through the intake and exhaust you can see the bend in the valves.



But with some careful work the head can usually be fixed.   With some new valves, valve guides, valve seals, cam, lifters, pressure testing the head, resurfacing the valve seats and valves your Tdi head can live again for a reasonable cost.

head rebuild in process


reconditioned seats


reconditioned seats

Heads waiting to be built.

heads waiting to be built


we can certainly help you get your tdi back together if you need these services.  Email or call for details.






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