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 solenoid disconnect tool   01m solenoid disconnect tool $16 



  01m shift solenoid        01m shift solenoid $29 (*High resistance) used in location n89, n88, n92, n90, & n94.    Not for use as n91 or n93



 01m TCC PCS solenoid     01m TCC/PCS solenoid  $59 (low resistance) used in location n91 or n93.  Not for use in other positions.



 01m filter and PG    01m filter and pan gasket set $41   This will not fit 01P Eurovan.   



 01P filter and PanG    01P Eurovan filter and pan gasket $41  This will NOT fit a 01m.  


01m solenoid harness    01m solenoid harness $129  O-ring is included!    This will NOT fit 01P Eurovan


   01P (Eurovan) solenoid harness $134  O-ring is included!  This will NOT fit 01m.   


 01m sensor G68 G68 01m sensor  $56


01m sensor g38 G38 01m sensor (late, 2000 & up)  $39


  01m sensor G38 early    g38 01m sensor (early,  1999 and prior)  $39


 fill tube cap     01m fill tube cap $9.30


 fill tube cap lock    01m fill tube cap lock $5.90



 01m o-ring  01m harness 0-ring $4.90  This is included on a harness.  Do NOT order this if you order a harness.


 01m front seal kit   01m front reseal kit $39  includes front seal,  pump gasket and pump o-ring.


 01m axle seal kit   01m Differential axle seal kit $17


 01m o-ring  01m fill tube o-ring $4.90


     Set of 4 o-rings for 01m oil cooler  These are OEM.  2 upper and 2 lower $19


 fluid g052162a2  4 liters febi bilstein fluid for 01m trans.  $63

This should be enough for a fluid and filter change, unless your trans is low to start with.  This is not sold per liter.  Its sold in 4 liter qroups.  If your needing enough to fill a whole transmission just click change quantity in your shopping cart to 2.  Dont forget to fill your differential with 75w-90 synthetic




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