We are now a South Bend clutch dealer.  When your Tdi is modified and makes more than the stock HP you’ll need a clutch that will hold up.

Shipping is not included please email  coolairvw@aol.com  and we will let you know shipping.  If you have questions on which clutch you need please email coolairvw@aol.com


Application:  Tdi 5 speed in most Mk4 cars (Jetta, Beetle, Golf, Gti ect)   Selection:  South Bend Stage 2 Daily 

Info:   This  comes with a 21 lb solid flywheel.

Engineered for cars with increased Horsepower due to tuning or other aftermarket modifications. This Heavy Duty Pressure Plate has an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure. The Organic disc material has a high metal content that increases the co-efficient of friction by two times over a stock lining and increases rotational strength up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. This clutch system maintains a stock feel while offering strength and durability.

Recommended usage is daily, street and moderate race.

Cost: $617.10  Shipping:  Email for more info  



Application:  Tdi 5 speed in most Mk4 cars (Jetta, Beetle, Golf, Gti ect)   Selection:  South Bend Stage 2 endurance 

Info:  This comes with a 17 lb solid flywheel,   This clutch system is designed for the racing climate, but works well in daily usage also,  and is only needed if your car is modified for extra HP. The pressure plate is precision balance for vibration free operation at high RPM. The pressure plate fulcrum is altered for a positive disengagement and a quick shift. The disc is engineered with a Dual Damped design to provide accurate control when accelerating through corners. The friction material is a hybrid using a full face Feramic (Sintered Iron) lining on the flywheel side and a high metal content Organic lining on the pressure plate side. Engagement is positive yet buffered due to the high graphite content unique to Feramic facings.   Recommended uses are daily and street with an emphasis on Rally and Endurance racing.

Cost: $729.30  Shipping:  Email for more info