Phone contact is reserved for local customers who will be bringing cars here to the shop.  For valve body repair inquiries or “tech help” please email.     I do not take “tech help” phone calls, but will gladly try to help through email.      Email to:   Cool Air Auto                                             Click here for google maps & directions —>   Cool Air Auto on Google maps   604 N Scott Ave Suite CC Belton MO 64012 Phone # 816-769-7352   As a mechanic, I work on cars, and there are times when I cannot answer the phone.  I am either on the phone with another customer, talking to a live customer in front of me or working on a car.  If I miss your call  I will usually call you back when I see your missed call, but if I do not call you back quickly enough feel free to email or call back in about 10 minutes.  I do not return missed calls that come in when we are closed.     I do not take nor return voice mail messages and my voicemail recording tells you this.  At least once a week someone tells me, “your voice mail box is full so I couldn’t leave a message”. Its full because folks left a message despite the recording saying don’t leave a message.