Stock clutches don’t hold up under the higher demands of a chipped or modified car. The G60/VR6 upgrade has proved to be a lasting fix. Also dual mass flywheels have high failure rates.


This car was on the road to being super fast.  But the clutch wouldn’t hold up. Later this car got 2.5 cat back exhaust with muffler delete, then PP520 power plus nozzles, then Rocketchip stage 3 and finally 2.5 downpipe with cat delete. This is a FAST car. It not just fast for a TDI…. ITS FAST!


The car has been on the road since Aug 07 and the clutch is holding up fine.

To hold all that power, I yanked that trans out and put in a G60 Solid flywheel with a VR6 clutch and pressure plate that gives much better holding power than the stock TDI clutch.


This pic shows a comparison of the stock clutch and flywheel (left) with the G60/VR6 clutch and flywheel (right). They are both the same diameter so the additional holding power comes from differences in the pressure plate.


Some cars with this upgrade make some noise. This is normal and not a problem. The noise is due to engine pulses at idle inherent in the diesel engine that the dual mass flywheel normally absorbs. The noise is most noticeable when you’re next to a building, and is also worse when your engine covers are missing.

Some cars also end up with a low pedal. These cars drive fine with the low pedal it just takes getting used to. Removing the trans and shimming the fork pivot will correct the low pedal, but as of yet I haven’t identified what factors make the shim necessary.


G60/VR6 Upgrade costs $400 Labor + Parts