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Year:  2002

Model:  Jetta

Body:  4 door sedan

Mileage:  338,000 (engine replaced recently with 180,000 mile engine)

Trans:   5 speed manual 

Engine:   1.9L Tdi ALH

Options:  Heated seats, spoiler & aftermarket Radio.  

Price: $5500 

Plus:  This car is modified with tons of stuff to make more HP!  Larger down pipe, larger exhaust,  ,  tune, south bend clutch, ect.  Has frost heater, skid plate,  exhaust temp gauge and boost gauge.   Car formally had larger turbo and nozzles but these were lost when engine failed.  


Negative aspects of this car:  paint peeling (lots of Vw’s do this)  Exhuast mods mean car is louder than stock.  



This car is not 100% ready for sale.  We still have some stuff to fix.    Might need a few other knick knacks.


Brians Red jetta6 Brians Red jetta5 Brians Red jetta4 Brians Red jetta3 Brians Red jetta2 Brians Red jetta1 Brians Red jetta10  Brians Red jetta8 Brians Red jetta7


why buy a car from me?  

1.  Timing belt is done right with top quality parts including metal impeller waterpump.  You don’t have to buy the car then run out and get a 700 timing belt job.  You wont need to worry about it for 100,000 miles.

2. I guarantee it will pass Missouri/Kansas safety inspection or whatever repairs it needs is free!  

3.  I go through the car and fix all the common problems.  

                               a.  I fix common most interior problems  like armrest, glove box, cup holders.

                               b. I fix common mechanical problems like control arm bushings, tie rods, ball joints, park brake cables ect.

4.  There will be no warning lights on.  

                              a.  NO check engine light

                              b.  NO Abs light.

                               c.  NO Airbag light.

5.  AC works!  It would be a shame to buy a cheaper car then have to buy a expensive AC repair.

6.  All devices will on the car will function.  Lights, wipers, windows, power & remote locks.  

7.  Car will come with two working remote flip keys.   

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