If your 01v looses a gear, whether it be reverse, 2nd or 3rd ect, and is triggering a Ratio code that corresponds to the missing gear then you probably have a broken drum.  Depending on which drum is broken you will loose reverse, 2nd or 3rd.

When you pull the pan and see these little aluminum “rat turds” this confirms you have broken drums.

rabbit turds


And the next few pics show where these rat turds come from.


052 054 peices of drum


Valve body wear can contribute to this failure.  See valve body wear  <——-click here


On a interesting side note I found this drum in a Tdi (gmr code) trans and it held too few clutches. Someone had put in a wrong drum.  The snap ring is cut in a lower position to accept fewer clutches, so even though the drum wasn’t broken we had to order another one to make sure the number of clutches were correct.

incorrect drum

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