Late model Eurovans and Rialta Motorhomes have an 01P transmission. The 01P transmission works just like the 01M , shares many parts inside, valve body is virtually identical, and solenoids are the same.  If you need solenoids or other small parts you can purchase them in the following link.  click here——->  shopping page 


Rialta Vw Vr6

The 01P does have a much larger differential section of the trans, but most of the rest is identical with an 01M from a vr6 01M. The valve body looks identical and uses the same parts for rebuild, but it carries a different letter code therefore it has a different spring calibration and orifice sizes in the spacer plates, etc.

Now, here’s my opinion on the 01P transmission: Since all the parts of the “transmission section” (not the differential) are exactly the same as the 01M, (and the 01M is designed for little cars like MK4 Jettas), the 01P is simply not heavy-duty enough for these vans. If you have a Rialta motor-home (based on a Eurovan) then this vehicle is even heavier. 01M was a 096 trans that was modified and re-designated, and the 096 came in really small cars, and basically has all the same parts. What I’m getting at here, is that the 01P is very similar to the 096 and they are just not beefy enough.

Only Pre-97 Eurovans have a manual transmission option, so converting to manual is difficult to get parts.  After 9 months of rounding up parts, converting and getting the software right in the computer we were able to get our first Rialta converted to manual.  Now we can handle most Eurovan & Rialta conversions for you.

If you have one of these vehicles, fixing the o1P is no longer your only option if it develops a problem.  Click the following link for Eurovan or Rialta conversion services.

Eurovan Rialta 5 speed manual conversion 


Some info on 01P:

Solenoid info and clutch application chart are exactly same as 01M, so refer to my 01M page for this info.

Solenoids are the same as 01M and I can supply these for you if you need them. I also rebuild the valve bodies if you can send it in.  Click the following link for more info on VB rebuilding services.

Valve body rebuilding services.