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Year:  2004

Model:  Jetta

Body:  4 door sedan

Mileage:  200,000

VIN:  3VWSR69M94M113050

Trans: Auto 09G 5 speed automatic

Engine:   1.9L Tdi BEW

Options:  Heated seats, spoiler &  top of the line stock aluminum wheels.

Price: $5500 

Plus:  This car is a beautiful color and the interior is leather and VERY NICE.  Very difficult to find a car this year this nice.    Really looks sporty with the wheels and spoiler!  The car is Maroon but looks red in pictures.


Negative aspects of this car: Minor dent at left front affecting fender and hood. 



This car is not 100% ready for sale.  We still have some to do the TB before its ready.



Jeff city spoiler6

it has the premium monsoon stereo and heated seats

Cupholder in the console!  Nicer than the cupholder that older models have above the radio.

Cupholder in the console! Nicer than the cupholder that older models have above the radio.


its got the spoiler.  That's cool!

its got the spoiler. That’s cool!


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Leather is in excellent shape.

Leather is in excellent shape.


jeff city spoiler13

Leather seat is in excellent shape




Its got the desireable 17 inch wheels

Its got the very desirable 17 inch wheels

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why buy a car from me?  

1.  Timing belt is done right with top quality parts including metal impeller waterpump.  You don’t have to buy the car then run out and get a 700 timing belt job.  You wont need to worry about it for 100,000 miles.

2. I guarantee it will pass Missouri/Kansas safety inspection or whatever repairs it needs is free!  

3.  I go through the car and fix all the common problems.  

                               a.  I fix most common interior problems  like armrest, glove box, cup holders.

                               b. I fix common mechanical problems like control arm bushings, tie rods, ball joints, park brake cables ect.

4.  There will be no warning lights on.  

                              a.  NO check engine light

                              b.  NO Abs light.

                               c.  NO Airbag light.

5.  AC works!  It would be a shame to buy a cheaper car then have to buy a expensive AC repair.

6.  All devices will on the car will function.  Lights, wipers, windows, power & remote locks.